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Services Agreement



Thank you for renting a portable toilet with Royal Flush. Please review our Service Agreement for all portable toilet rentals or handwashing unit rentals and be advised that this Service Agreement will need to be accepted in order for us to deliver to your site.

Services Rendered

Royal Flush agrees to furnish the equipment for the rental and servicing of a portable toilet along with the removal of liquid waste and cleaning of each unit as specified by The Customer (As assigned at the Bottom of this document). Customer agrees to make payment for said services according to payment terms and conditions set forth by Royal Flush.

Binding Effect

This Agreement is a legally binding contract on both the part of Royal Flush, and Customer and their respective heirs, successors, and assignees in accordance with the terms and conditions put for the herein.

Toilet/Handwashing Unit Rental

This agreement shall include the rental of a portable toilet, along with the collection and disposal of liquid waste, replenishment of fresh water, deodorant, toilet paper and the cleaning of the interiors. Customer acknowledges that in order to provide regular service, the unit must remain clear of debris and any building materials. The company's vehicle must be able to come within 15' of the unit. If the toilet is not accessible on service day, the toilet wil not be serviced again until the next scheduled service day. If a second cleaning is requested, a $45 additional fee will be applied. Only human waste is permitted in the toilet. No garbage or toxic materials of any kind are permitted to be disposed of in the toilet. Royal Flush reserves the right to remove the unit from site that is not in compliance. No refunds will be given for days not used for non-compliant toilets. Hand sanitizing units will not be replaced if removed or damaged.


All equipment and services are billed to an agreed upon rate of (4) weeks or twenty eight (28) days of services, subject to applicable taxes. Minimum four weeks rental rate is assessed on all portable restrooms and hand wash units. Royal Flush does not pro-rate for unused days if toilet is picked up early. Royal Flush reserves the right to adjust its rates based upon increases or decreases in fuel costs, disposal facilities costs, or due to changes in local, state, or federal laws and regulations.


Upon entering into this agreement, The Customer gives Royal Flush permission to automatically charge the credit card provided for the portable toilet or hand washing unit rental. Unless otherwise agreed, the Customer shall make PAYMENT IN ADVANCE for all quoted service by either Major Credit Card, Cash, Money Order or Pre-approved business check. The customer further agrees to pay any and all additional charges, such as additional rental fees, damages, failure to deliver, or any costs as a result of damage to company equipment from customer negligence, or from removal of hazardous or prohibited material. Customer's that pay by credit card and incur additional fees will have the credit card charged for those fees. In the event Customer fails to perform its obligation to remit payment, and payment is collected through an attorney, collection agency or other proceedings, the Customer agrees to pay in addition to the amount due, reasonable attorney's fees, court costs, interests and other applicable fees.

Delivery of Equipment

Delivery times provided by Royal Flush are approximate. Royal Flush shall have no liability for failure or delay in delivery or failure to notify Customer of any delay or non-delivery. Royal Flush is not responsible for Customer's failure to designate unit placement at delivery. If unit is set in an undesired area because Customer failed to designate placement area and Royal Flush is asked to return, Royal Flush reserves the right to charge a fee of $75 plus fuel costs. Toilets CAN NOT be placed on sidewalks backyards, through gates, or up/downstairs. Relocation of the unit will be performed at Royal Flush's earliest convenience. Customer agrees not to remove units from site or permit the units to be removed from the site without Royal Flush's expressed written consent.

Site Move

Do not move toilets. Customer will be responsible for any damaged caused by moving the toilet. Please contact customer service to move a toilet to a new location. Scheduling a toilet move will incur a new rental fee.

Return of Equipment

It is the responsibility of the Customer to notify Royal Flush when they want the equipment picked up. However, the Customer is still liable for any damaged, lost, stolen or burned equipment until said time Royal Flush picks up the equipment. Our standard timeframe is the next scheduled service day for your area. All request submitted after 2:00 pm will be processed as of the next full business day. Customer agrees to return the equipment rented in as good condition as when received.

Limitation of Liability

Royal Flush shall not be liable for damage to pavements or other driving surfaces resulting from the weight of vehicles servicing the equipment location designated by Customer, nor for any damages incurred while executing Customer's directions. In no event shall Royal Flush, its members, managers, employees, agents, attorneys, insurers, affiliates, successors, or assigns be liable for: i) any claim, loss, damage or expense of any kind (including strict liability in tort) arising out of or related to the ownership, selection, possession, lease, operation, control, use, maintenance, delivery or return of the equipment; ii) incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages (including loss of profits or production), whether suffered by Customer or any third party, no matter the cause; or, iii) any amount in excess of the amount Royal Flush receives from Customer as payment under this agreement.

Damage to Unit

Customer agrees to return all equipment furnished under this Agreement to Royal Flush in the same condition as delivered, subject only to normal wear and tear. Customer shall bear the risk of loss and damage to equipment. In the event of damage, Customer shall pay the lesser of (a) the cost of repair, or (b) the cost of replacement. The cost of replacement of a standard portable toilet is agreed to be $800, which will be billed to the Customer in the event of loss. No loss or damage to equipment, in whole or in part, shall impair Customer's payment obligations under this Agreement. The following additional fees will be applied for missing/damaged items:
  • Missing locks/keys: $15
  • Missing sanitizer dispenser: $40
  • missing hand sanitizer bag: $20
  • Missing toilet paper rod: $15
  • Detailing unit (Removing graffiti, decals etc.):$185 per hour (1 hour minimum plus expenses)
  • Replace cost per unit: $2500

Returned Check Policy

There will be a set fee of $35.00 for any payment received by Royal Flush that is deemed insufficient funds.
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