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Portable Toilets Rental For Alaska Outdoor Campgrounds

Campgrounds - Portable Toilet Rentals

Royal Flush Portable Toilets offers specialized long-term rentals of portable toilets for campgrounds in Alaska. We understand the importance of maintaining clean and functional facilities for your campers. Our services ensure your campground guests have access to the best portable toilets and outdoor sanitation units. Whether you need a portable toilet for camping or a full-service toilet trailer rental, we provide reliable solutions to keep your campground pleasant and hygienic.

Even if your campground has permanent restrooms, our portable bathroom hire is an excellent solution for overflow situations or special events. Our portable loos and temporary toilet facilities are perfect for accommodating unexpected numbers of campers or when your permanent restrooms are undergoing maintenance. With our regular maintenance and portaloo cleaning services, your campers can enjoy their stay without any worries. Let Royal Flush handle your campground sanitation needs so your guests can focus on enjoying the great outdoors.

Standard Portable Toilets

At Royal Flush Portable Toilets, we specialize in full-service porta potties for campgrounds. Our camping toilet hire ensures you have enough restrooms for all your campers throughout the season. We provide the best portable toilets that are clean, stocked, and ready to use. Our standard portable toilets cater to various needs, making them ideal for any campground setup.

With a full-service contract, you don’t need to worry about your campground’s portable toilets. We deliver and set up the units, then handle all maintenance, including portaloo cleaning and emptying. When the season ends, we haul away the porta potties, ensuring hassle-free service for you. Choose our portable toilet for camping solutions to give your campers a pleasant and memorable experience.

ADA Compliant Porta Pottys

For patrons with mobility difficulties, we offer ADA-compliant porta potties that meet the guidelines of the American Disabilities Act (ADA). These units provide accessible and safe temporary toilet facilities, ensuring all your guests can use them with ease. The wider door and increased floor space make it convenient for wheelchairs or those with an assistant. Each ADA-compliant portable toilet is equipped with a rigid safety bar mounted on the interior walls, providing extra support for standing or moving to and from a wheelchair.

Our disabled access toilets are designed to offer comfort and independence for all users. Whether you need portable bathroom hire for a campground or a special event, our ADA-compliant units are a reliable solution. We handle all aspects of setup, maintenance, and portaloo cleaning to ensure your accessible toilet remains in top condition throughout its use. Choose our ADA-compliant portable toilets to make your campground inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

Portable Washing Stations

Now that your campers have access to our portable toilets, they will need a place to wash their hands. While sanitizers and wipes can help, nothing beats the cleanliness of soap and water. Our portable handwashing sinks are an excellent option for maintaining hygiene at your campground. These units come equipped with soap and paper towel dispensers, and the water flow is foot-operated for a hands-free washing experience. 

Our portable sink units are designed to keep hands clean and free from germs, making them perfect for any outdoor setting. They complement our portable toilet for camping services, ensuring a comprehensive sanitation solution for your campground. With Royal Flush Portable Toilets, you can provide your guests with the best facilities, including outdoor portable sinks to enhance their camping experience.

Towable Porta Pottys

Our standard portable toilets are great, but sometimes you need more flexibility. That’s where our towable porta potties come in. Ideal for events in multiple locations or when you need a portable toilet that you can grab and go, our towable units provide the perfect solution. Mounted on a lightweight, sturdy trailer, these portable toilets can be easily towed with a mid-sized vehicle like an SUV. Just hook up the trailer, set up the portable toilet wherever you need it, and you’re all set. When you’re done, bring it back, and we handle the rest.

These towable units are perfect for camping toilet hire, providing convenient and reliable restroom facilities wherever your trip takes you. Whether you need a portable bathroom for camping or a temporary toilet facility for a remote site, our towable porta potties offer the best portable toilet solution. With Royal Flush Portable Toilets, you can ensure that your sanitation needs are met, no matter the location.

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Yes, portable toilets are hygienic and safe to use when properly maintained. At Royal Flush, we ensure all our portable toilets for camping are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before delivery. We offer small portable hand washing stations to enhance hygiene. Regular maintenance and portaloo cleaning services keep our units in top condition, providing safe and sanitary temporary toilet facilities. Whether you need a portable bathroom hire for a campground or outdoor portable sinks, our services guarantee a clean and safe experience for all users.

Yes, portable toilets can be used in almost any location. At Royal Flush, our portable toilets are designed for easy setup and maintenance, making them suitable for various environments, including remote campgrounds and outdoor events. Whether you need temporary facilities for camping, a festival, or a construction site, our portable bathroom hire services ensure you have access to clean and convenient restrooms wherever you need them.

Yes, portable toilets are environmentally friendly. They use minimal water compared to traditional toilets, reducing overall water consumption. The waste is contained and disposed of properly, preventing environmental contamination. At Royal Flush, our portable toilet options, including standard porta potties, ADA-compliant units, towable porta potties, as well as portable handwashing sinks, are designed to be eco-friendly and efficient. These facilities help maintain cleanliness and hygiene at your campsite while minimizing environmental impact.

Booking a portable toilet rental for your campground with Royal Flush is simple. Contact us via phone or our website, and our friendly team will assist you in selecting the right options based on your needs. We offer various sizes and types, including standard porta potties, ADA-compliant units, towable units,  and portable handwashing sinks. Once you choose the units you need, we will arrange the delivery, setup, and regular maintenance to ensure your campground remains clean and comfortable. Let us handle the sanitation, so your campers can enjoy their stay.


The number of portable toilets needed for your campground depends on the expected number of campers and the duration of their stay. As a general rule, we recommend one portable toilet for every 10-15 campers for a weekend stay. For larger groups or longer stays, you might need additional units. We offer various potty sizes and types, including standard porta potties, ADA-compliant units, and portable handwashing sinks to ensure your campground has adequate facilities. Contact us to discuss your specific needs, and we’ll help you determine the right number of units for your site.


During the camping season, our portable toilets are serviced regularly to ensure they remain clean and functional. This includes thorough cleaning, restocking of supplies, and waste removal. Our service team handles everything from standard portable loos to ADA-compliant units and towable porta potties. We also service our outdoor portable sinks to maintain hygiene standards. Whether it’s a toilet trailer rental or a mobile bathroom hire, we ensure your campground’s facilities are in top condition throughout the season.

Portable toilets are self-contained units designed for convenience and sanitation. When you rent a portable toilet for camping, it includes a waste tank that collects waste and uses a chemical solution to break down solids and control odors. Users simply flush the toilet by pressing a button or using a foot pump. Our units come in various potty sizes and can be paired with a portable sink unit for added hygiene. We handle the setup, maintenance, and portaloo cleaning to ensure your temporary toilet facilities are always in top condition.

Portable toilets should be serviced regularly to maintain hygiene and functionality. For high-traffic areas or extended use, such as campgrounds, we recommend servicing at least once a week. Regular maintenance includes emptying waste tanks, refilling supplies, and thorough cleaning. At Royal Flush, we provide tailored servicing schedules to meet your needs. Whether you need onsite toilets for a campground or portable bathroom hire for an event, our team ensures your portable loos are clean and ready for use.

At Royal Flush, we offer a variety of portable toilets suitable for campgrounds. Our options include standard porta potties, ADA-compliant portable toilets for accessible needs, and towable porta potties for flexibility and mobility. We also provide portable handwashing sinks to maintain hygiene. Whether you need a chemical toilet for camping or a full-service mobile bathroom hire, we have the best camping toilet solutions to keep your campground clean and comfortable.

The rental price for portable toilets at a campground includes delivery, setup, and regular maintenance of the units. Our service ensures that the portable toilets are clean, stocked, and ready for use. This includes standard units, ADA-compliant units, and towable units. Our comprehensive rental package covers all aspects to ensure your campground has the best camping toilet facilities available.


Yes, you can rent portable handwashing stations along with our portable toilets for your campground. Our portable handwashing sinks are perfect for maintaining hygiene and are available as small portable hand washing stations or larger units. These units include soap and paper towel dispensers with foot-operated water flow for a hands-free experience. Whether you need portable sinks for your camping site or additional sanitation units, we have you covered. Contact us to add handwashing sinks to your portable toilet rental and ensure your campground guests have all the necessary facilities.

Yes, we offer towable portable toilets for flexible placement at campgrounds. Our toilet trailer rentals are mounted on lightweight, sturdy trailers, making them easy to tow with a mid-sized vehicle. This allows you to set up portable bathroom units wherever needed, ensuring convenient access for your campers. These units are perfect for campgrounds with multiple sites or changing locations. In addition, we can provide small portable hand washing stations to maintain hygiene standards. Our portable camping toilets and outdoor sanitation units are designed for easy mobility and convenience.

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